Choca monkey has arrived

Choca monkey has arrived

Choca Monkey, winner of the DubbleClick game competition, is ready for you to play. Play Choca Monkey now.

Although the competition is closed, all the tools for you to design your own Fairtrade computer game, including a video of top tips from a games design expert, are still available for you to use and download.

Choca Monkey Game Screenshot
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The DubbleClick competition was launched in March 2007 and challenged people to come up with a game that inspired players to get on the case for Fairtrade and help change the world, chunk by chunk! Fairtrade guarantees a fair deal for farmers in developing countries, so they can cover their costs and have a decent standard of living.

The winner, Grace Conium, had her game, Choca Monkey, turned into a real game by professional games designers at Atticmedia.

Two lucky runners received a professionally designed and framed static screen from their game.