Characteristics That Make Up A Great Boxer

Becoming a great boxer is not for the weak, it requires someone ready to reach the limits and do anything possible so that they can be the best at it. It is one of the most athletic sports ever and when you see great professional boxers making it in their boxing career they have done a lot to be where they are at the moment.

Many people are usually motivated by their best players and they want to emulate what they are doing and be just like them. One thing that they forget is that this player started by doing common and manageable exercises so that their bodies could get used to the intense workout that awaited them. When a new player goes to the gym he or she wants to do the exercises that the professionals are doing but their bodies are not too strong to withstand the impact the professionals are taking in.

Having the desire to be great is a great first step but you need to have the capacity and the eagerness to be a great boxer. You need to be motivated so that you can also motivate your coach to train you for many hours because he or she sees potential in you, if you are a lazy player you won’t be able to handle boxing.  You can search for a probellum official online who will teach you everything you need to know about becoming one of the best boxers in a short time. Though you need to be ready and never give up easily.

Skills Needed To Be A Great Boxer

  • You Need To Be Fast

Being fast is one of the plus characteristics you need to have as a boxer and to be able to emerge as the best player there is. You need to be fast enough so that your competitor cannot match your speed. Be fast enough that you can move before he throws a punch on you and be fast enough to throw a punch when he or she least expects it.  When you are a slow player, your chances of always getting hurt while in the ring are higher as compared to someone who is a fast player.

  • You Should Have Great Punching Accuracy

Boxing mainly deals with striking your adversary as your competitor tries to evade or halt your punch. When you lack the proper accuracy, you will end up missing the punch and you will give your adversary a chance to strike you with a heavy blow on your face, but when you throw your strike and hit your adversary you have the advantage of winning because you made him or her weak enough to throw a punch at you.

  • Have Punching Strength

As a boxer, you require explosive power to be able to throw a strong punch that will land your adversary on the ground. Punching strength doesn’t come from lifting heavy weights and punching heavy bags repeatedly, the strength is your coordination, your timing, your understanding and how quick you are when it comes to throwing punches.

  • Defence

As you are in the ring you need to protect yourself at all times. You need to know how to block punches from your adversary because some punches come in too strong and they may end up hurting you badly. A way in which you can protect yourself is by moving when you see your competitors punch coming for you, you could posture your arms and your physique by using the ability of attention.

Make sure you are keen enough to notice your competitor’s weak points, strong points and the stance he or she likes to use. Once you have marked all these things you can use the knowledge to be able to win the competition.  He or she will not notice that it’s their stance you are using but it’s all in your favour.

  • Servicing

To be a great boxer you need to constantly train so that you can be fast and so that you can be able to throw accurate and strong punches. You also need to train so that you can learn how to be resilient and able to take a fight for as many rounds as possible. For example, your opponent may use their throwing jab technique for the first three to four rounds but when it comes to the tenth round, he will be so exhausted that he will be unable to throw any strong punches and this is where you take the game from and use his or her weakness as your strong point.


To win any boxing competition, you require to be smart and you also need to employ all the above skills so that you can always win your boxing tournaments without any trouble.