cPanel – How it Makes Website Testing More Efficient?

Innovative cPanel software offers many easier server-management perks. Let it be setting up cron jobs, quickly spotting error logs, or analysing data – it can all be done faster and smoother. One more, maybe less discussed function is automated websites’ cloning. IT experts notice that this function may be a game-changer while creating or upgrading a website. So, how could this software licence make the website’s testing and staging processes more efficient?

What Is Website’s Cloning?

A website’s clone is simply a duplicate of a site. As you might already know, such clones have identical database contents and files. Therefore, you have the same site that you can host on another domain or directory. There are a few ways to create duplicates when it comes to cloning. Though, one is way more effective than the other.

You can do it with command lines or invest in an affordable cPanel license and make the process smoother. Simply put, this friendly-interface software enables automating part of the tricky steps. This way, you save up time and avoid mistakes while doing it all manually.

Using Old Website as Baseline

Firstly, website duplicates come in handy while creating a new website from scratch. If you’ve ever tried that, you most probably know that setting up a solid base takes a while. Yet, if you have an old, perfectly functioning website, it could be cloned and used as a baseline. Meaning you can skip some time-consuming technical work.

Testing Out New Ideas

Another scenario when duplicates could be very useful is testing out new ideas. Site owners can give developers, graphic and UX designers, or other professionals access to test their ideas in a natural environment. That might actually be the best way to see whether the plans work out well. So, it seems like there is no need to guess anymore. By the way, you can try out this feature with old websites and new ones – creating new or upgrading the existing project.

And that’s just one cPanel’s function to make your websites’ design more appealing while your daily tasks smoother. Save some precious time and get a platform for creative and technical experiments. Sounds great? Seems like it’s time to contact your hosts for a cPanel software licence.