Highlighting Ten Great E-Liquid Flavours Popular Today

Since the start of the vaping revolution, part of the appeal is that there are an almost endless amount of excellent tasty vape liquid flavours to try and enjoy. This range of choice has been further expanded by vaping manufacturers continually striving to find new and creative tastes with which to delight their customers. This short piece will highlight some of the best e-liquid flavours in the marketplace today that are consistently well-reviewed and are delivering a delicious vape.

Great Flavours to Try

Today’s e-liquids generally have the same four components, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, flavourings, and nicotine. There is also a move away from the harsher freebase type of nicotine towards nicotine salt, which through a different manufacturing process, produces a smoother vape. Among the best vape juice options are these terrific offerings that are earning rave reviews for their great flavoursome vapes –

  1. Heisenberg Vampire Vape – an excellent choice from a top manufacturer combining the tastes of delicious red berries and icy menthol in this refreshing vape.
  2. Wick Liquor Boulevard – this is a festival of flavour with a blend of tropical fruits and different rums that will tickle your tastebuds with its unique sweet and tangy vape.
  3. T-Juice Red Astaire – this awesome flavour will awaken and refresh your taste buds with a superb combination of menthol, berries, eucalyptus, and aniseed.
  4. Ohm Boy Rhubarb Raspberry & Orange – this perfect vape flavour is a fruity concoction that mixes fruit flavours with the taste of the orange blossom plant with super results.
  5. Pacha Mama Strawberry & Watermelon – this is a mouth-watering sweet treat that mixes strawberry and the great taste of watermelon with a great end product.
  6. Ohm Brew Caramel Latte – a delightful coffee-based vape that combines creamy milk with sweet caramel and pleases all who try it with its excellent taste.
  7. NKD 100 Max Lava Flow – this great vape is an exotic mix of pineapple, strawberries, and coconut milk; they combine to form a delicious vaping experience.
  8. Dinner Lady Lemon Tart – this great blend of fruit and buttery dessert delivers the perfect taste in a superb flavourful vape.
  9. Seriously Soda Guava Passion – this premium e-liquid flavour is a super combo of zingy lemonade, the sweetness of guava and tart passionfruit; it is a great taste.
  10. Udderly Amazing Blueberry Cheesecake – a great vape with tones of dessert, cream, and fruit with a rich and creamy milkshake tone at the finish.

The almost limitless range of e-liquid flavours means there is a particular excitement in trying and enjoying the new taste experiences; it forms part of the appeal and why vaping continues to rise in popularity attracting new converts.

If you prefer to use a disposable vape, this is no restriction as you can still move from one great new taste to another while always having the option to return to your favourite flavours. If your current e-liquid flavour is feeling a little bit stale, find your local vaping supplier and order yourself one or two new flavours. You never know; you might find a new favourite.