What Are The Benefits Of Getting A CCTV Drain Inspection Done?

The use of technologies and advancements like cameras, rollers, crawlers, and video analysis has made the CCTV drain survey easy and safe. It is the most reliable technique to monitor and check for the reasons behind clogged drains.

What Is A CCTV Drain Inspection?

CCTV drain inspection is the process of monitoring and examining the condition of drains with the help of advanced technologies like cameras. Crawlers, video recording. The drains are recorded live during the inspection process, and the footage is sent to the operator’s computer. Further, the engineer looks into the video recording and reports the issues of clogging and breakage.

What Are The Reasons For The Clogging Of Pipes?

Clogging pipes is a prevalent issue that many people face; one definite solution is a drain survey. The process is done to see and examine any clogs or check the pipes’ condition. It also helps to see for any intruders like animals, logs. The drain inspection is used in many situations, not just for clogs but for multiple reasons.

  • Failed Sewer Lines
  • Tree-root infestation
  • Blockages in drains
  • Animal Invasion
  • Damaged Tubes
  • Corrosion of Pipes

What Equipment Is Used In Drain Survey?

The equipment used in surveys is very advanced, which includes using diverse types of tools.


A crawler is a remotely accessed machine that is used to monitor the condition of drains. On the mount of crawlers, cameras are connected, and then these are sent to the drains to monitor. Crawlers are available in different designs, which depend on the size and shape of drains.

Waterproof Cameras

The cameras used in this method should be very high-tech as it has to go in the utmost conditions. In the London CCTV drain survey process, cameras play a significant role, so they must be waterproof and have high-resolution lenses.

Sonar Units

It is a specialized way of drain inspection. Sonar units are used in situations where visual access pf the drains is not possible, so it is used. It creates pulses from the tubes, which the engineers decode.


Cameras function together with rods; they get tied together to allow the rod to move in different directions. These rods are flexible which can operate in extreme positions. Rods are prominent equipment in CCTV Drain Survey.

What Is The Procedure Of The Drain Survey?

The primary step in the drain survey is to find a reputable company that will take care of all your concerns. After registering for your problem, the engineer will visit the site to look at and discuss the related issues. Depending on the issues, the engineer will suggest solutions and do the needed drain survey. Depending on the drainage system, the operator will choose cameras, crawlers, and other equipment. The operator will start the process of inspection then and will inspect for any.

According to your drainage system, the engineer will send the camera into the drains and assess the condition. Then the operator will take further steps to clean out the clogged drains.