Should I Call Drainage Company For Cleaning Grease For Cleaning Grease From My Drain Pipes

Oil makes things easier to move. But this is only true for the electronics part. The kent drainage company says, Pouring oil into your kitchen pipe can do the opposite. Industrial lubricants generate heat when operating the engine. But this is not a fact for the kitchen.

While this is tempting to pour leftover oil into the kitchen sink, it may cause harm to your sink. By doing so, you will allow sewage overload. Here the article will share everything about pouring the grease into your drain line.

Find Out If There Is Grease In Your Kitchen Pipe

Before you start, you should know that there is grease in the drain line. Experts share some easy ways to find out fat in your drain line. Let’s know about them:

Sight: Is your kitchen sink draining water slowly? Slow drainage is the first sign that you have clogs in your drain. However, there is a higher chance that grease is causing blockage on your drain.

Sound: Offentine, you may hear a gurgling or gulping sound from your pipe. It indicates that your drain has started to build up grease inside the tube.

Smell: Oils and fats decompose and spread smell. If there is an odor in your drain lining, you will end with a toxic smell every time. So, it can be that grease builds up in your drain pipe.

No one wants to be an owner of the greased drain. If you are so, then know the reasons why grease come to your drain.

Why I Get Grease In My Drain Pipe

Oil and far are some of the most common ingredients in the kitchen. Once the cooking is finished, you may have some leftover oil. Pouring this excess in the kitchen sink regularly will indeed create a clog in your drain.

Apart from these, there are so many things that can accumulate grease in your pipe. Those things include meat, dairy products, coffee grounds, rice, eggshell, soap residue, etc. In a nutshell, anything produced from food or used in cooking can cause greasy drain lining.

Likewise, there are so many soaps that contain fat. These soaps are made with a concentration of animal fat or vegetable oil. Until the grease causes blockage on your drainage system, it may not seem as problematic.

Once you have identified there is grease in your drain pipe. Then here are some simple what’s that can help you get rid of fat from your drain pipe.

  • Pour a kettle of hot boiling water into the drainpipe. It will help you to soften the grease and to remove clog easily.
  • Pour baking soda into the pipe. Then pour vinegar slowly over the line. You will allow the grease to be dissolved with the side and come out of the drain.


Make sure to handle your kitchen oil with extra care. Pouring it over the pipe also damages your neighborhood drain pipes. Once you find grease in your drain pipe, immediately give kent Drainage Company a call. We will provide you with the best solution to get rid of this toxic environment.